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We are a cargo bikes and trikes specialist, and offer the best range of cargo bikes and trikes around. Call us on 01425 270774 and speak to one of our cargo bike advisers, who can speak with you and help guide you to the one that suits you best.

We have been specialising in cargo bikes and trikes for a long time and have a wealth of experience with precious child cargo and standard business cargo, so do let us help you choose the one that is right for you.

We are also an official Christiania Bikes UK stockist.

Come and meet us and try a Christiania Bike before you buy. We have a great range of Christiania Bikes, with 3 demo Christiania bikemodels and an electric assist Christiania bike too, so no problem if you live in a hilly area.

Christiania Bikes UK Stockist

The Christiania cargo bike brand is an award winning iconic Danish brand

There are many models available to suit both families and business, so do call 01425 270774 for more details, or head straight to our main website:

Here are just some models from the Christiania bikes range:
Christiania Light Straight Box

The Christiania Classic Light rolls so smoothly and swiftly, it is just a pleasure to ride. Fitted generally with seven speed and coaster brake (three and eight speed are also available), and with a tight turning circle, it is surprising manoeuvrable in most urban settings. There is a range of box colours and canopy shapes and colours; see details below. Two choices of seats: a wooden bench, with optional pillow, or a soft seat; both are for two chldren and come standard with a lap-belt. For children younger than two, an additional three-point harness can be fitted. Climbing on board is aided by an aluminium step.

If you have three or four children (or if you plan to transport your children’s friends regularly), choose the straight option, so that an extra bench can be fitted.

RRP: £1898, with seven speed, Bugatti hood, soft seat for two children and frame lock
The Classic also comes with a steel frame: £90 cheaper but 5 kg. heavier (and no climbing step).


Christiania Bikes UK – Life Changing Family Cargo Bikes

SAFETY: The Christiania is one of the safest way to transport children on a bike:
1.You are very visible
2.Motor vehicles leave you more room
3.It gives you the confidence to ride assertively
4.The box has a very robust metal base
5.You are on three wheels, so you don’t have to balance the bike

The most common comment of Christiania parents is: “I don’t know how I would have coped without it”. Indeed a quarter of Copenhagen families with two or more children own a cargo trike. Once you have one, all your trips to school, museums, sport clubs, shopping, etc. etc. become a lot easier, and much more fun.

Your children will love the sizable square box. It becomes an fun place for adventure and imagination.

Christiania Bikes UK Stockist – Established specialist in cargo bikes and Cargo trikes.


Christiania Bikes – Call our cargo bike specialists to find out which Christiania bike will suit your needs best.

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Over 20 different models of cargo trikes, cargo bikes and tandems to try before you buy, including electric assist models and special needs trikes.

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