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Kids and Family Cycles Ltd

18 - Nov - 2014

Family Bikes

Winther Kangaroo Bike Trike

Winther Kangaroo Bike - Award Winning Cargo Trike

Winther kangaroo bike

Winther Kangaroo Bike


Available in 2 and 4 seater options

Safe transport of children

Attractive design

Superb road-holding qualities

Flexible construction

Suspension and excellent comfort

Supplied with hood and seats


Kangaroo Bike is a family bike was designed to be attractive, functional and aerodynamic.

Its superb road-holding qualities and comfortable and secure child seats make it the ideal choice for young families.

The Kangaroo Bike has a roomy cabin combined with flexible construction. Two seats for two children of up to 150cm are fitted as standard, though one seat can be placed in the middle for optimum balance with just one child. The seats can slide forwards, backwards, face backwards and lie in a sleeping position.

The multi-adjustable handlebars make it easy to find your ideal riding position. Kangaroo is thus the perfect family bike for both parents.

The bike has a frame number on the back frame and a visible number plate with the same number built into the front frame.

At the front of the bike, a propstand is mounted ensuring good stability.

The Kangaroo Bike is supplied individually adapted and fully assembled with different gear versions and colour combinations.

In other words, this is a family bike developed with specific focus on quality and functionality. Perfect in every detail.

New for 2013, the Kangaroo Lite will be available. The Lite offers the same superb handing of the kangaroo, but offers a more affordable price. The main differences are in the seats and canopy. Do email me on for a brochure. Price with 2 seats £1,950


Try Out Our Demo Kangaroo Bike

We are open 7 days a week at our workshop for FREE demos.

Or take advantage of our HOME DEMO service and try it out on the roads you will want to use it on.






The frame construction on the Kangaroo Bike is light, strong and torsion-stable. It is built on aluminium 6061 ensuring low unladen weight.

The patented 3-point steering system ensures rigidity and good stability. The torsion bare suspension ensures excellent passenger comfort.

The independent suspension on the front wheels enables running with high tyre pressure, reducing the risk of punctures and minimizing rolling drag.

The hydraulic disc brakes on the front wheels provide good stable braking action in all weathers.

The Kangaroo Bike is mounted with an adjustable steering damper with 6 positions. This steering damper makes it possible to easy find the ideal riding position.


Send the details of what you want your cargo bike to do,


and we will send you a comprehensive summary of the models best suited for your needs, including e-brochures, within 24 hours of receiving your enquiry.

Get advice from somebody who uses these bikes every day.

Kids and Family Cycles - Specialist in Family Cargo Bikes


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